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Roll thermal insulation

Reliable soundproofing in rolls from “Polifas”.


Our country is located in high latitudes, which means that it requires intensive room heating in winter and cooling in summer. Therefore, there are increased requirements towards the insulation of buildings. Reliable thermal insulation saves money on room heating in winter and cooling in summer. In addition, the price of energy increases every year, so most owners of housing built more than 20 years ago face the question of its insulation.

The domestic producer from St. Petersburg, "Polifas" LLC, has been specializing in the production of innovative insulation materials in rolls for more than 15 years. All produced goods of the company are distinguished by strength and durability, they are certified and safe for human health.

Roll thermal insulation, is versatile and can be used in circumstances like:

  • thermal insulation;;
  • waterproofing;
  • sound insulation.

The price of the product is affected by the type, thickness, length, and raw materials from which they were made.

Types and application of "Polifas" products.

"Stenofon" roll insulation is made of foamed polyethylene and is sorted into the following types:
  • "Stenofon 190" types A, B, C;
  • "190 with an adhesive layer";
  • "290"
They differ by purpose. Insulation type "A" almost does not reflect heat, but it absorbs noise well, it is used as a substrate for floor covering. Due to its softness, it can be uses for packaging various fragile items. Two-layer insulation of type "B" has a laminated metallized mylar layer, which helps to reflect 80% of heat. Whereas type "C" laminated with aluminum foil has 15% more warm reflectance, 95%. "B" type is used for: "warm floor" systems , "infrared warm floor"; for roofing, soundproofing and heat insulation. The presence of foil helps to distribute heat evenly over the entire floor area. . "C" type is suitable for wet rooms: bathrooms, indoor pools, baths, saunas. "Stenofon 190 with an adhesive layer" has a foil layer and a self-adhesive composition, which allows to install heat and sound insulation in cars, pipes, rooms with hard-to-reach places. "290" high density material is used for floating floors in housing of business or premium class. In addition to products made of foamed polyethylene, “Polifas” LLC produces insulation made of polypropylene foam - "Stenofon NPE" types A, P, F. This type of product is more expensive, but is also wear-resistant, designed for rooms with increased operational loads.