Reflective insulation - buy stenofon from the manufacturer

Reflective insulation

“Polifas” foil-clad polyolefin and insulation with mylar covering

If you decide to build a sauna or bathhouse, you cannot do without the insulation of the steam room. Experts say that the presence of a reflective surface on the insulation is one of the main elements in its construction, since the room must quickly heat up and hold the set temperature for a long time. Reflective insulation makes it easy to get the job done.

"Polifas" LLC, which has been producing various foil insulation materials for more than 16 years, offers to buy its products directly from the manufacturer. All manufactured products have a quality certificate, are distinguished by high reflectivity, durability, and have long service life.

Our company's reflective insulation products are sold in rolls under "Stenofon"™. The price of insulation depends on the material from which it is made (polyethylene foam, polypropylene foam), the thickness of the product, and the length of the roll.


Polyolefin and polyethylene “Stenofon”

"F" type “Stenofon” represents highly effective thermal insulation products made of polypropylene foam with a closed cell structure, laminated with foil. This type is most often used for thermal insulation of floors, walls, ceilings, chimneys in baths and saunas. "Stenofon NPE type F" is resistant to increased pressure and usage, high and low temperatures from -40Cº to + 150Cº. It has a density of 35-40 kg / m3 and a high reflectance of 99%. The value of thermal conductivity is 0.032-0.0340 W / m3 * K.

"C" type is made of polyethylene foam, which is obtained by molding the foam mass from polymers under pressure. The insulation turns out to be soft, elastic with excellent absorbing properties. The combination of insulation with aluminum foil applied to one of the sides helps to increase the efficiency of the insulation, since the foil reflects heat rays. Thermal reflection coefficient is 95%, which is 4% lower than "F" type, but their thermal conductivity is the same. "C" type is used for rooms with extreme conditions - high or low temperature in the building, damp locations, as a reflective layer behind the batteries