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PE foam (expanded polyethylene)

“Polifas” eco-friendly production: top-quality modern heat insulating materials

To make a cold-proof area or to improve soundproofing - PE foam suits you perfectly! This unique material performs heat, sound and waterproof qualities, which made it quite popular with customers. “Polifas” LLC is the leading PE foam manufacturer in Russia and we have been producing thermal insulation for 16 years already. “Polifas” fabricates its products under “Stenoflex” ™ and “Stenofon” ™.

PE foam “Stenoflex” is produced in forms of pipes, tubes, cords. This tubes are often used in Saint-Petersburg swimming pools for water aerobics. “Stenofon” insulation is fabricated in two forms:

  • Sheet form. This is a double layer material from 15 to 100 mm thick often used for insulating even surfaces with big surface area.
  • Roll form. It is sold in rolls of different thickness, density and length.

All these materials are produced in two ways: cross-linked and non-cross-linked. Non-cross-linked one is notable for its molecular structure, which is constant even when the material is being foamed in the furnace.

Cross-linked coating has more solid structure, better durability and lesser thermal conductivity coefficient. It also absorbs sounds better and doesn’t suffer from shape deformation while making a cold-proof floor.

Sphere of product application

The most popular sphere of application is building. Stenofon is used for thermal and sound insulation, as a reflecting screen and a base for flooring. PE foam which is offered to buy in Saint-Petersburg shops comes in three types: “A”, “B”, “C” with adhesive layer and without it. Each type of Stenofon has its own application.

Stenofon 190 type “A” is used as a base for floor covering, it helps to smooth roughnesses of flooring underlay, the thickness of base’s side varies from 0.2 mm to 10 mm.

Stenofon 190 type “B” laminated with aluminium foil is used as a base for a system of underfloor heating. The material lowers heat loss thanks to the reflecting surface, it doesn’t crumble at contact with cement, it protects reliably against moisture.

Besides building sphere it is also used:

  • at furniture production;
  • at shoes production;
  • for sound insulation in cars is used Stenofon 190 with adhesive layer;
  • for insulation in public places - bars, cafes, disco clubs;
  • as a packing;
  • for insulation of equipment and big-diameter pipes which are in the ground;
  • for sports equipment production;
  • at ventilation systems and other engineering constructions assemblage;
  • in medicine;
  • in shipbuilding;
  • in electrical engineering.

The advantages of application

  • High level of soundproofing when applying materials with thickness 5mm or more;
  • it is resistant to temperature changes;;
  • durable and reliable;
  • it is resistant to water and chemical impact;
  • elastic;
  • it is easy to assemble;
  • vapor proof;
  • long working lifespan, more than 50 years.

Thermal insulation made of PE foam has low thermal conductivity and a lot of advantages mentioned above and its price is affordable for all social groups.