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Wares protection

Transport your products safe with “Polifas” packaging materials

  If your business activities are connected with producing and delivering goods which can be severely damaged while being transported, you better take advantage of using “Polifas” packaging materials. This will allow you to avoid unwanted damage and losses. “Polifas” LLC with general office in Saint-Petersburg offers a wide range of PE foam materials with different characteristics for whatever purposes. This will suit you well for protecting such goods as:
  • glass;
  • furniture;
  • paintings and pieces of art;
  • expensive dishes;
  • medical equipment with fragile components.
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“Polifas” protective materials

Our soft PE foam packaging is notable for its quality, reliability, safety, variety and eco-friendliness. It’s important to select packaging materials according to your purposes, configuration and type of cargo that needs to be protected.

For example we offer a special profile of PE foam packaging to protect mirrors and glass edges. Because of its spongy and soft structure It’s highly stable against physical impact. Therefore it prevents cargo damage of all sorts.


For the purposes of protecting furniture edges you can use L-type corner forms. They are produced in 20 cm long segments each with the same width measuring 50 and 75mm.

Our “U”-type is also quite popular with customers for its elasticity. Therefore it is often used with non-standard geometrical figures and it is produced in various sizes, allowing you to choose the one you need. For complete protection of cargo it is important to combine different types and sizes of packaging materials. This ensures the protection of the corners, edges and all sides of your expensive cargo.