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Engineering isolation

“Polifas” engineering insulation

“Polifas” LLC has been operating in the insulation materials market for 16 years. During this time our company succeeded in employing professionals, who adopt new technologies and constantly improve production quality. Our manufacturer, located in Saint-Petersburg, possesses all the important quality certificates. All our products are created according to eurostandarts with use of eco-friendly materials.

“Stenofon” and “Stenoflex” products

One of the most popular with customers product is insulation for all kinds of pipes. “Stenofon” and “Stenoflex” products are useful for insulating:

  • cold and hot water pipes
  • heating systems;
  • furnaces and cooling systems;
  • ventilation systems;
  • air conditioning systems.

Qualities of PE foam insulation

PE foam insulation, used for insulating pipelines, three aspects of this type of insulation are:

  • disposal lines soundproofing, especially useful with plastic pipes and air conditioning systems soundproofing;
  • decreasing heat losses which improves feasibility;
  • protecting from condensation of water pipes, gas piping, vent systems.

For the insulation to work properly, you should buy insulation of corresponding diameter. The price of “Stenofon” and “Stenoflex” products from “Polifas” LLC depends on material and its thickness.


A highly effective thermal layer “Stenofon Acoustic Vent” is produced in rolls 5mm, 8mm and 10mm thick. It is used for vent systems, cooling systems, climatic cabinets and technical equipment insulation. While fitting you should use construction adhesive and duct tape for fixing joints.

“Stenoflex 400” is made of PE foam in form of flexible pipes with width varying from 6 to 30 mm and interior diameter from 6 to 160 mm.