Stenoflex 400 protect all - Polifas

Stenoflex 400 protect all

  • For thermal power plants, Hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants.
  • For enterprises of chemical, oil-producing, and oil-refining industries.
  • Thermal insulation of pipelines in buildings and structures for industrial and civil purposes.
  • Insulation of heating networks.
  • Insulation of industrial pipelines of all types.
  • Creates a «thermos» effect.
  • High class of fire safety.
  • Excellent weather resistance.
  • It has an adhesive layer.
  • It is resistant to UV radiation.
  • It is characterized by low dirt retention/
Reduces heat loss by 70%
Convenient for installation
Not vulnerable to corrosion
Does not harm the environment

STENOFLEX 400 PROTECT ALL is a professional pipe insulation, characterized by increased strength and reliability. This is achieved by using a particularly strong foil.

Thermal insulation cylinders STENOFLEX 400 PROTECT ALL from «Polifas», this is a great replacement for the well-known cashiered cylinders of the ROCKWOOL 100, ROCKWOOL 150 and TECHNO 80 , TECHNO 120, from TechnoNICOL. Thermoplex-T, XOTPIPE OUTSIDE 100, Foampipe SP ALU.

Purpose and scope of use

It is used as thermal insulation of pipelines in buildings and structures for industrial and civil purposes, for insulation of heating networks, industrial pipelines of all types, with a surface temperature of up to + 90 C, including those located in the open air and exposed to atmospheric influences.

When used correctly, the foil creates an effect of a thermos, reflecting infrared radiation back to the heat carrier. In the case of a pipe made of polyethylene foam, the foil also allows you to achieve a high class of fire safety and excellent weather resistance.

Thermal insulation STENOFLEX 400 PROTECT ALL, among other advantages, has the most neat appearance, is resistant to UV radiation, is characterized by low dirt retention.


The STENOFLEX 400 PROTECT ALL cylinders have a special foil strip with an adhesive layer, which works as a hook-and-pile fastener and makes it extremely easy to assemble this material, just by gluing the cut.

Inner diameterWall thickness
10 mm13 mm
12 mm13 mm
15 mm13 mm
15 mm20 mm
15 mm25 mm
15 mm30 mm
18 mm13 mm
18 mm20 mm
18 mm25 mm
18 mm30 mm
22 mm13 mm
22 mm20 mm
22 mm25 mm
22 mm30 mm
25 mm13 mm
25 mm20 mm
25 mm25 mm
25 mm30 mm
28 mm13 mm
28 mm20 mm
28 mm25 mm
28 mm30 mm
30 mm13 mm
30 mm20 mm
30 mm25 mm
30 mm30 mm
35 mm13 mm
35 mm20 mm
35 mm25 mm
35 mm30 mm
42 mm13 mm
42 mm20 mm
42 mm25 mm
42 mm30 mm
45 mm13 mm
45 mm20 mm
45 mm25 mm
45 mm30 mm
48 mm13 mm
48 mm20 mm
48 mm25 mm
48 mm30 mm
54 mm13 mm
54 mm20 mm
54 mm25 mm
54 mm30 mm
57 mm13 mm
57 mm20 mm
57 mm25 mm
57 mm30 mm
60 mm13 mm
60 mm20 mm
60 mm25 mm
60 mm30 mm
64 mm13 mm
64 mm20 mm
64 mm25 mm
64 mm30 mm
70 mm13 mm
70 mm20 mm
70 mm25 mm
70 mm30 mm
76 mm13 mm
76 mm20 mm
76 mm25 mm
89 mm13 mm
89 mm20 mm
110 mm13 mm
Thermal conductivity, W / m×K


Water absorption by volume, no more, %


Operating temperature,

from -60 to +90

Flammability group


Cylinder length, mm


Reflection of IR radiation, not less than, %


There is no assembling section in

the delivery state

The width of the foil strip (fastener) with an adhesive layer, for fixing after assemblage, mm


It is suitable for thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants, chemical, oil-producing, and oil-refining enterprises.