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Packaging and delivery

Reliable packaging materials from domestic manufacturer “Polifas”

“Polifas” LLC is known for being top-rated domestic manufacturer of PE foam materials in Russia. Its main production facilities are located 45 kilometers from Saint-Petersburg in Gatchina. Our company offers a wide range of packaging materials. Using our protective materials you can easily avoid unnecessary damage, scratches, chipping and easily transport:
  • furniture;
  • glass and mirrors;
  • dishes, paintings;
  • technical equipment;
  • construction materials.

Packaging materials produced by “Polifas” LLC possess various forms and types, such as “U”- and “L”-types, special forms for transporting glass, packing fragile goods etc., because each different goods require different care and packaging.

Types of protective forms

“Polifas” LLC produces PE foam packing according to all the necessary international quality standards and requirements. By choosing our products ensure safety of your goods to be transported, they will not be affected by physical impact and will not suffer any damage from water or chemicals. Our packing is eco-friendly and completely safe for human health. Our materials also possess such features as low price, low weight, and elasticity. You will find whatever protective polyethylene profile you need at a factory gate price.   Our “U''-type profile is used for protecting side parts of wares. It’s elasticity allows it to pack cargo of various geometrical forms. The space between interior walls in its wide part varies from 24 to 71mm and from 10 to 45mm in its narrow part. The height of a profile varies from 35 to 66mm. This material is used for packing of:
  • different types of tabletops;
  • various doors;
  • furniture facades, sliding wardrobes;
  • paintings, frames;
  • glass units;
  • cover furniture edges to prevent kids from getting traumatized.
“L”-type is used for maximum protection of corners just like “U”-type, but this one is produced in 20 cm segments. “L”-type itself is an equal-sided triangle with each side 50 or 75mm wide. The price of this protective profile depends on its sizes. As they increase, it increases too.