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Building insulation

High-quality building insulation from “Polifas” at the best price


Materials made for thermal, sound insulation and waterproofing are widely used in modern buildings. The widest use got materials which protect houses from thermal loss.

Domestic producer from Saint-Petersburg “Polifas” LLC has been making insulation materials for more than 16 years, and with applying advanced technologies it has developed series of reasonably priced thermal insulations which are known under the trademarks “Stenofon” and “Stenoflex”.

Differences of building insulation

When you are going to buy any thermal insulation you should take into consideration conditions in which it will be used:

  • humidity in a room;;
  • material workload;;
  • air temperature;;
  • a place of application (a floor, a wall, an air hole, a car);
  • where it will be used: inside or outside.

The price of the thermal insulation depends on the raw materials used during production - polyethylene foam and polypropylene foams, the thickness of the product. Cheap “Stentofon” made of PE foam has good insulating properties, low vapor and humidity permeability, but products made of polyolefine are considered to have less hygroscopicity, higher solidity and could be used for facade insulation.

Different types of “Stenofon NPE” are often used as a base for a system of underfloor heating, under sand cement screed while building factories and shopping malls which have great loading. In comparison with products of PE foam it is able to preserve its technical qualities at higher operating temperatures from -40 °C to +150 °С.

Polyethylene foam “Stenofon 190” is produced in several types and forms, such as roll or sheet form. It is used for several purposes: underfelt under floor coating, packing material for fragile objects, soundproofing, wall heat insulation.

“Stenofon 190-2”, produced in sheet forms, is often used as a floating floor or for insulating heating mains and walls of big structures. At the same time “Stenofon 190 type C” with its foil-coated aluminium layer will become irreplaceable as a reflecting screen behind radiators or as an insulation of damp areas such as pools, bathrooms and sauna.

“Polifas” LLC offers a variety of materials to suit your needs. Our goods may be bought wholesale and retail directly from the manufacturer.