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Sheet thermal insulation

A quick and high-quality method of thermal insulation with the help of "Polyfas" materials


If it is necessary to insulate a large room, use a sheet insulation made of foamed polyethylene "Stenofon 190-2", produced by the company "Polifas".

Our domestic producer "Polifas" LLC has been developing and making materials for insulation of buildings inside and outside for more than 16 years. During its work, the company has selected highly qualified specialists who, relying on innovative technologies, have developed modern high-quality insulation materials.

"Stenofon 190-2" has the form of mats with a length of 2 meters, it is made on the basis of a soldered "Stenofon-190". It is made of extruded foamed polyethylene, with a density of 20 to 65 kg/m3. Its structure combines air and polymer, consists of a large number of small closed pores, thanks to which the following qualities are acquired:

  • waterproofing;
  • soundproofing;
  • heat insulating.

Light, flexible and at the same time durable "Stenofon 190-2" allows quick and easy installation. The small weight of the product allows it to be used in structures with weight restrictions.


"Stenofon 190-2" allows you to upkeep comfortable temperature in the room, thanks to effective heat and sound insulation. This is an environmentally friendly material that is not afraid of aggressive chemicals. It does not allow moisture to pass through, does not accumulate smells, therefore it can be used for:

  • sound- and thermal insulation of the walls of industrial and residential premises;
  • screeds, "floating floors";
  • shipbuilding and automotive industry;
  • as a compensator when installing heat pipes.

A distinguishing feature of Stenofon 190-2 is its strength, durability, long service life, since the product does not decay and is not susceptible to the reproduction of harmful microorganisms. Insulation sheets are used in a wide temperature range from -70 ° C to + 80 ° C. Moreover this material does not pose a threat to health at all.

High-quality insulating material of various thicknesses from 15 mm to 100 mm at affordable price can be bought directly from the manufacturer. It is much more profitable than buying from intermediaries who add their own markup for services.

"Polifas" LLC works with both companies and individual customers.