Production of thermal insulation materials | PolifasPlus


During 16 years on the construction market of Russia our insulations under the trademark “Stenoflex” and “Stenofon” have not only attracted special attention, but also have conquered the customer’s trust by displaying their efficiency and quality in action.

Construction technologies and equipment are improved every year so there is a wide variety of solutions to apply in your project. A customer needs relevant, reliable, high-quality and effective production. This is exactly the kind of insulation that “Polifas” provides on the Russian market. Our specialists both produce and supply high-quality goods to Russia, in full conformity with high domestic and european standards of quality and safety.



We perform our own production of insulation materials for whatever needs

  • Our main factories are located in Gatchina region, where 6 thousands square metres of land are dedicated to our storages. You won’t find any other enterprise in North-Western part of Russia that will supply its customers with all sorts of insulation materials of the highest quality.

Applying technological innovations in our production

  • Each insulation produced at our factory fully corresponds to present-day customers’ preferences and also is distinguished by its perfect conformity with international quality requirements. “Polifas” is in the list of leaders in production of foam polymer materials on the Russian market.

Saving resources, eco-friendly

  • Nowadays the problem of ecological safety and resource-effectiveness is extremely urgent. That is why «Polifas» facilities are constructed for usage of the most advanced energy and resource saving technologies. And of course they are proved to be safe for both personnel and customers.

Top-tier manufacturer and supplier of insulation materials of the highest quality in North-Western Russia

  • High quality and vast range of specialized products makes us quite popular among customers on the Russian market.

Intensively-expanding client base

  • “Polifas” cooperates with a wide range of customers. Among them are more than 15 large world-renowned construction companies. However we also have profitable offers for individual customers, who buy our insulation materials for houseworks as well.

Certified goods of high quality

  • All insulation materials of “Stenofon” and “Stenoflex” TM have successfully passed certification tests in specialized facilities and have all necessary quality certificates.