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Expanded polyolefin

Insulation of increased strength from "Polifas"

“Polifas” company, along with polyethylene foam products, fabricates polypropylene foam products which are externally and in the manufacturing method similar to foamed insulation, but have different properties. Over time the thickness of PE foams decreases, and the insulation made of polypropylene includes special plasticizers, fire retardants, permeability modifiers, which increase resistance to negative influences. Therefore, foamed soundproofing polyolefin better resists various kinds of compression and has better stretching capacity, has a higher temperature regime up to + 150˚С, low hygroscopicity and increased strength. These properties owe much to the closed structure of the cells, and the presence of gaseous substances inside them helps to improve the thermal insulation properties. However, the price of polypropylene foam insulation is higher comparing to polyethylene foam. Polifac LLC offers to buy materials of increased strength of foamed polyolefin directly from the manufacturer. At the moment, it has developed and produces three types of products from foamed polyolefin with dynamic characteristics, which are produced under the Stenofon NPE trademark:
  • Stenofon NPE type "A";
  • type "P";
  • type "F".

Characteristics and application of Stenofon products

Roll polyolefin "A" -type is characterized by high chemical resistance to many substances, has a density of 35-40 kg / m3, thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.032-0.034 W / (m3 * K), retains its technical characteristics in the range of operating temperatures from -40 ° up to +150 ° C.

This type is also used as a substrate for a cement-sand covering of metal ties in the construction of multi-storey buildings, industrial and commercial buildings with increased operational loads. And it is also used for insulation both indoors and outdoors.

"Stenofon" types "P" and "F" are laminated with foil or aluminum mylar coating to strengthen waterproofing, reduce noise and vibration of insulation. These types are used to create a "warm floor" in rooms with increased workload; noise and heat insulation of pipelines, air ducts, walls, roofs, baths; like a reflective screen behind the radiators.