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Stenofon NPE type F

  • Insulation of floors, ceilings, walls, chimneys, pipes in baths and saunas.
  • Insulation of thermal rooms.
  • Resistant to increased loads.
  • High application temperature.
  • High reflectivity.
  • Service life of 50 years.
High reliability
Resistant to high temperatures
Decreases noise level
Not affected by corrosion
Eco-friendly material

Reflective heat- and sound- insulation with increased dynamic loads and application temperature up to +150 °С

Polyolefin (PP) − in comparison with polyethylene is characterized by increased rigidity, especially in the upper part of the temperature range of use (short-term up to + 150 ° C). It is characterized by high chemical resistance and good stability even with high temperatures.

Foamed thermal insulation «Stenofon NPE» is an environmentally friendly product, has a high resistance to chemically aggressive external conditions, high temperature, corrosion, has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity. That is why the active use of this material is recommended for both indoors and outdoors, for constructing ventilation and heating systems.

ThicknessRoll length
2mm100 meters
3mm100 meters
4mm100 meters
5mm50 meters
8mm50 meters
10mm50 meters
Density, kg / m3


Thermal conductivity coefficient at 25 ° С, W / m-K


Relative compression at a load of 2000 N / m2,%


Coefficient of warm reflection of the surface,%


Operating temperature range, ° С

-40 to +150

Fire safety class compliance groups

G3, B3, D3, T4



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