Buy ventilation and air ducts insulation Acoustic Vent

Stenofon Acoustic Vent

  • Heat insulation and soundproofing of ventilation shafts and air conditioning systems.
  • Heat insulation and soundproofing of climatic chambers.
  • Heat insulation and soundproofing of air ducts and pipelines.


  • Highly effective thermal insulation roll material.
  • Reduces impact noise.
  • Increased material density.
  • Resistant to aggressive environments.
  • Eco-friendly and does not harm the environment.

“Polifas” insulation ensures comfort»

To ensure comfort in a large room with a complex layout, one cannot do without a ventilation and air conditioning system. And in order for the clean air supply system to work for a long time, it must be properly insulated. Otherwise, you will have to face the constant problem of ventilation systems — increased condensation.

In winter, due to severe frosts, the pipe can narrow or completely clog. As a result, the air duct stops working.

To avoid such a problem “Polifas”, which has been manufacturing various types of insulation for more than 16 years, has developed a heater insulation for ventilation pipes “Stenofon Acoustic Vent”. The material is made on the basis of polyethylene foam, which has closed fine-celled pores. One of the sides of the insulation is laminated with polished aluminum foil, and on the other side there is a self-adhesive layer.

The advantages of using insulation

  • highly effective reduction of heat loss;
  • reduction of impact noise;
  • water resistance, low vapor permeability;
  • resistance to various reagents and aggressive environment;
  • resistant to extreme temperatures;
  • non-toxic, meets sanitary and hygienic standards;
  • eco-friendly, does not harm the environment;
  • not subject to corrosion, decomposition;
  • simple in installation;
  • long service life.

This product is perfect for insulating any kind of ventilation ducts, both round and rectangular, square. For the convenience and ease of installation of the insulation, the manufacturer prudently applied a self-adhesive layer on one side. The presence of such a layer also makes it possible to reduce the time required for installation, to create a layer of insulation without any joints. During repairments you may quickly remove it if necessary.

Where to buy «Stenofon Acoustic Vent»

Insulation can be bought directly from the manufacturer who sells its products to both companies and individual customers.


5 mm25m
8 mm25m
10 mm25m
Thermal conductivity coefficient at 25 ° С, W / m-K


Dynamic modulus of elasticity Ea, MPa


Reduced impact noise reduction index, dB


Coefficient of warm reflection of the surface,%


Operating temperature range, ° С

-80 to +95

Fire safety class compliance groups

G1, B2, D3, T2



Insulation of hangars and prefabricated buildings.

“Stenofon Acoustic Vent” is an excellent solution for insulating hangars, industrial premises and warehouses with high and low temperatures.

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