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Foil-clad polyethylene

Reliable protection against noise and cold thanks to “Polifas” insulation

“Polifas” LLC is a Russian manufacturer that specializes in the production of polyethylene and polyolefin insulation with application of advanced technologies. All products of the company have quality certificates, are eco-friendly and safe for health.

Insulation can be used in any area where there is a need for:

  • thermal insulation;
  • soundproofing;
  • waterproofing.

Products made of polyethylene foam with a foil layer belong to the reflective type of insulation, consisting of two layers: a base and aluminum foil attached by means of heat welding. The outer surface of the foil is polished to enhance its reflective properties. expanded polyethylene is not affected by moisture, temperature changes, is not subject to decay, and is resistant to aggressive substances.

“Polifas” LLC produces foil-clad polyethylene under the Stenofon. By purchasing insulation with foil, you can reliably protect your home from noise and cold. The price of products depends on the type, thickness, length and material of the product.

Foil-clad insulation Specification

Thermal insulation possesses high insulating capabilities . One centimeter of "Stenofon" with a foil layer replaces 14 centimeters of brickwork or 7 centimeters of pine timber. "Stenofon 190 type C" with its foil layer reflects 95% of the heat rays, and "Stenofon Acoustic Vent" - 99%. By installing foil-clad insulation behind the radiator, you will save 35 percent of the heat that previously went out.

Brand "190 type C" is intended for insulation of ceilings and walls in rooms with high humidity:

  • bathrooms;
  • saunas, baths;
  • in indoor swimming pools;
  • roofs;

Products are shipped in rolls 25 meters each with thickness of 2-5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm.

  "Stenofon Acoustic Vent" is produced in 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm thick, intended for insulation of various ventilation systems, air conditioning, climatic chambers, refrigeration and technological equipment. To make it easier to install, a self-adhesive layer is applied by the manufacturer to one of the sides of the material.