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Stenofon 190 type A

  • The substrate for floor coverings.
  • The substrate for the concrete screed.
  • Packaging of fragile items.
  • Highly effective thermal insulation roll material.
  • Reduces the level of impact noise.
  • Smoothes the roughness of the concrete floor.
  • It is resistant to aggressive environments.
  • Protects products from scratches during packaging
Reduces the level of impact noise
Keeps the heat in the house
Does not harm the environment
Perfect for laminate and parquet
It is not vulnerable to corrosion

«STENOFON» 190 type A is a rolled material made on the basis of foamed polyethylene. The material structure is even fine-meshed with a closed pore.

The substrate is used as a gasket between the laminate and the floor. It is used for cushioning and avoiding deformation of the material, for sound insulation of the floor, for moisture retention. The substrate for the Stentofon 190 type A laminate is characterized by high moisture resistance, noise and thermal insulation properties, it is «not interesting» for both bacteria and insects with rodents, it is economical and gives little waste when used.
It is designed for thermal and sound insulation of walls, partitions and ceilings of premises, for example, as a gasket for screeds and parquet, thermal insulation and waterproofing of roofs, attics, basements; to eliminate heat and sound propagation bridges. They are used for thermal and sound insulation of equipment and large-diameter pipelines, including those lying in the ground, and as pillows for pipes and expansion joints, as packaging material.


ThicknessLengthWidthArea size
2 мм105 м1050 мм105 м2
3 мм105 м1050 мм105 м2
4 мм105 м1050 мм105 м2
5 мм50 м1050 мм52,5 м2
6 мм50 м1050 мм52,5 м2
7 мм50 м1050 мм52,5 м2
8 мм50 м1050 мм52,5 м2
10 мм50 м1050 мм52,5 м2
Wall thickness

From 0.5 mm to 10 mm

Density, kg/m3


Coefficient of thermal conductivity at 25 ° C, W/m-K

0.032 — 0.034

Dynamic modulus of elasticity Ea, Mpa


Reduced impact noise reduction index, Db


Operating temperature range, ° C

-70 to +80

Groups of compliance with the fire hazard class

G3, V3, D3, T3

Possible colors

White, grey, red