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Stenofon 290

  • The «floating floors» in professional construction in “Business” and “Elite » class housing.
  • Highly effective thermal insulation roll material.
  • Reduces the level of impact noise.
  • High density of the material.
  • Resistant to aggressive environments.
Keeps the heat in the house
Reduces the noise level
Not vulnerable to corrosion
Does not harm the environment

Polyethylene insulation is presented in the company’s assortment under the brand name Stenophone 290. This is a rolled material based on extrusion foamed polyethylene with a density of 35 kg/m3-40 kg/m3. The structure has an even fine-mesh structure with a closed pore. The color of the material is BLUE. Thanks to a special foamer and increased density, the material acquires unique physical, mechanical, thermal, and acoustic properties.

«STENTOFON 290″ is a unique material for its acoustic properties, which makes it irreplaceable in the production of “floating screeds» in the residential and industrial premises construction. The main indicators for the calculation of «floating screeds» are the index of improvement of impact noise insulation, the dynamic modulus of elasticity and the material durability when used under a layer of concrete.

ThicknessLength of rolls
5mm50 meters
8mm50 meters
10mm50 meters
Density, kg/m3


Coefficient of thermal conductivity at 25 °C, W/m-K


Dynamic modulus of elasticity Ea, Mpa


Reduction index of the reduced impact noise, Db


Operating temperature range, °C

-70 to +80

Groups of compliance with the fire safety class

B2, D3, T3, RP1