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Rolled expanded polyethylene

Soundproofing and insulation from “Polifas” LLC

  “Polifas” LLC is considered to be the leading domestic company, which produces roll insulation under “Stenofon”™, made of foamed polyethylene. Foamed polyethylene in rolls is a versatile building material that does not suffer from moisture, temperature changes and is resistant to aggressive substances. It has closed porous structure with a gaseous substance inside, which makes it possible to reduce the intensity of heat loss during its application. That is why it is often purchased for warming and soundproofing purposes. Fields of applying expanded polyethylene foam:
  • building sector;
  • furniture manufacturing;
  • manufacturing of doors;
  • electrical engineering;
  • automobile, shipbuilding;
  • light industry;
  • as a packing material.

Types of polyethylene foams:

  "Polifas" offers to buy roll "Stenofon" of six types:
  • Stenofon 190 type A. Can be used as a substrate for laminate and parquet. For floor screed; as a packaging material;
  • 190 type B. It is used for the installation of a "warm floor", under-roof heat / sound insulation;
  • 190 type C. Used for insulation in extreme conditions - high or low room temperature, high humidity, as well as reflective screens behind radiators;
  • 190 with an adhesive layer. Indispensable for isolating in hard-to-reach places, noise insulation of vehicles;
  • Stenophone 290, has a high density, perfectly suppresses noise, is used for a "floating floor" in expensive housing;
  • Acoustic Vent is used for heat / sound insulation of ventilation shafts, air ducts, pipelines and climatic chambers.
Non-crosslinked polyethylene foam (NPE) roll insulation is distinguished by the fact that polymer molecules are not linked by strong chemical bonds. Therefore, according to its characteristics, it is not as durable as crosslinked one. It is mostly used as packaging material.