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Stenofon 190 type C

  • For rooms with high humidity.
  • For internal thermal insulation of industrial premises with high and low temperatures.
  • As a reflective layer behind the central heating radiators.


  • Reduces heat loss, with a reflection effect.
  • Reduces the level of impact noise.
  • Provides fast heating of the room.
  • High application temperature.
Keeps the heat in the house
95% more heat from the surface
Reduces the level of impact noise
Not vulnerable to corrosion
Does not harm the environment

«STENOFON» 190 type C is a rolled material, made on the basis of foamed polyethylene, laminated with polished aluminum foil. It has a uniform fine-mesh structure with a closed pore.

It is designed for thermal insulation of walls, ceilings and roofs in residential premises, as well as baths and saunas. Polished aluminum foil is used as a reflective element (thermal mirror). Aluminum foil reflects up to 98% of radiant heat.


ThicknessRoll Length
2mm25 metres
3m25 metres
4mm25 metres
5mm25 metres
8mm25 metres
10mm25 metres
Coefficient of thermal reflection of the surface, %


Coefficient of thermal conductivity at 25 °C, W/m-K


Vapor permeability coefficient, mg/m-h-Pa


Reduced impact noise reduction index, Db


Operating temperature range, °C

-70 до +95

Groups of compliance with the fire safety class

G3, V3, D3, T3

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Insulation of loggias and balconies

Insulation of loggias and balconies
Insulation Stenofon 190 type C made of foamed polyethylene with a reflective effect is perfect as a thermal insulation on your balcony or loggia. You can read more in our

Insulation of hangars and prefabricated buildings.

Stenofon 190 type C — an excellent solution for the insulation of hangars, industrial premises and warehouses with high and low temperatures.

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