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Stenofon 190-2

  • Sound insulation of residential premises.
  • Wall thermal insulation in the construction of residential and industrial premises.
  • As a compensator for the channelless underground laying of heating networks.
  • High-performance insulating sheet material.
  • Elastic and convenient for assemblage.
  • High sound insulation properties.
  • Elastic and convenient for assemblage.
Keeps the heat in the house
Convenient while assembling
Reduces the level of impact noise
Not vulnerable to corrosion
Does not harm the environment


«STENOFON 190-2» is a duplicated insulation mat made of «STENOFON 190», soldered together with a thickness of 2 to 10 cm, a material based on extrusion foamed polyethylene with a density of 20 kg/m3 — 65 kg/m3. The structure of «STENOFON 190-2 » is an even fine — mesh structure with a closed pore. The color of the material is white, grey, blue, red, yellow. This material has unique thermophysical, physico-mechanical and acoustic properties, which appear due to a special foamer and increased density.

The insulation mats «STENOFON 190-2» are a material with unique acoustic properties. This makes it indispensable for wall insulation in the construction of residential and industrial premises, as well as for the production of «floating screeds».

The field of insulation mats application is the construction of floating floors, screeds, wall insulation.

ThicknessLength 1pc
15mm2 meters
20mm2 meters
30mm2 meters
40mm2 meters
50mm2 meters
60mm2 meters
70mm2 meters
80mm2 meters
90mm2 meters
100mm2 meters
Density, kg/m3


Coefficient of thermal conductivity at 25 °C, W/m-K


Air noise insulation index in the structure, Db


Moisture absorption in 24 hours, %


Operating temperature range, °C

-70 to +80

Groups of compliance with the fire safety class

G3, V3, D3, T3


Grey, blue, white, red, yellow.

Insulation of hangars and prefabricated buildings.

Stenofon 190-2 is an excellent solution for insulation of hangars, industrial premises and warehouses with high and low temperatures.

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