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  • As a compensation element between the screed and the wall.
  • As a deformation seam when installing a blind area.
  • Technical thermal and sound insulation for pipelines of various diameters.
  • Highly effective thermal insulation roll material.
  • Reduces the level of impact noise.
  • Increased material density.
  • Resistant to aggressive environments.
Keeps the heat in the house
Reduces the level of impact noise
Not vulnerable to corrosion
Does not harm the environment


An indispensable construction element of a warm and self-leveling floor is a damping tape for screed. It allows you to create a durable and strong floor structure, protected from possible destruction when it is heated.

The principle of operation of a damping or edge tape is simple: when heated, all bodies increase in size. This applies to both underfloor heating and usual self-leveling, which is heated during the heating season. The floor screed begins to press on the walls when it is increased. And since the structure of the load-bearing walls is still stronger than the screed, the tension begins to rise. It can lead to truly destructive consequences: the appearance of cracks in the floor, deformation and unintentional dismantling of the floor covering (ceramic tiles, parquet, marble).

If there is an edge tape for the floor in the construction of the screed, there is no tension, since the floor does not rest against the walls. Some increase in the screed is compensated by an elastic damping tape for the self-leveling floor.
Thus, the damping tape for the screed, which can be purchased at a very affordable price, enables you to save huge amounts of money on the subsequent repair and restoration of the floor, floor covering.

5mm50mm25 metres
8mm50mm25 metres
10mm50mm25 metres
5mm100mm25 metres
8mm100mm25 metres
10mm100mm25 metres
Groups of compliance with the fire safety class

G3, V3, D3, T4

Insulation of loggias and balconies

The damping (edge) tape STENOFON is suitable as a compensating element between the screed and the wall on your balcony or loggia. You can read more in our article.

Insulation of hangars and prefabricated buildings.

STENOFON 190 DAMPING TAPE is an excellent solution for the insulation of hangars, industrial premises and warehouses with high and low temperatures.

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