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Stenoflex 400 cord

  • Sealing of joints and gaps, for windows and doors.
  • Insulation of inter-panel joints.
  • Insulation in refrigeration units.
  • Highly effective thermal insulation material.
  • Low thermal conductivity of the material.
  • Moisture resistance and low vapor permeability.
  • It is resistant to aggressive chemical environments.
Reduces heat loss by 70%
Reduces the level of impact noise
Convenient for installation
Not vulnerable to corrosion
Does not harm the environment

«Polifas» offers for sale the sealer Stenoflex 400 cord. It is used for sealing various joints and gaps. It is often used as a sealer for windows and doors.

Our company produces a sealer for doors and windows made of expanded polyethylene. In appearance, it resembles a soft hollow tube of cylindrical shape. The seal can withstand a fairly high temperature difference. The diameter of the door / window seal varies from 15 to 80 mm without a hole.

The material has the following distinctive features:

  • it has a very low thermal conductivity and moisture absorption;
  • the sealer for windows and doors has increased flexibility, and therefore is very convenient to install;
  • Prolongs the life of windows and doors.
Outer diameterLength 1 pc
5mm3 metres
6mm3 metres
7mm3 metres
8mm3 metres
1mm3 metres
15mm3 metres
20mm3 metres
30mm3 metres
40mm3 metres
50mm3 metres
60mm3 metres
70mm3 metres
80mm3 metres
100mm3 metres
Coefficient of thermal conductivity at 25 °C, W/m-K


Moisture absorption, %


Operating temperature range, °C

-70 to +95

Groups of compliance with the fire hazard class

G3, V3, D3, T3



Insulation of loggias and balconies

The STENOFLEX Cord material is perfect as a window and door sealer on your balcony or loggia. You can read more in our article.