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Foiled roll insulation

A great variety of “Polifas” foiled insulation types

The requirements for thermal insulation materials are increasing every year. Well-insulated walls in a room make it possible to maintain the required temperature regime and an optimal level of humidity in it.

That is why our company “Polifas” LLC constantly searches for new technological solutions for improving its products. Insulation layer with foil allows to greatly decrease the heat loss coefficient. Foiled insulation has an adhesive layer to speed up the installation process.

You can buy a variety of roll insulation materials directly from the manufacturer, because we sell our products not only to companies, but also to individual customers. The price of the product depends on its type, length of the roll and thickness of the insulation.


The use of foiled insulation

“Polifas” foil insulation is produced in form of rolls of different lengths and thicknesses, the greater the thickness of the material, the shorter the roll length. All products have high insulating properties, can be used for any surface and are used for insulation of:
  • walls, floors, roofs in residential and non-residential premises;
  • ventilation systems;
  • heat and sound insulation of climatic chambers;
  • car interior;
  • yachts.

Rolled insulation of our company has plenty of advantages:

  • High reflectivity from 95 to 99%;
  • low thermal conductivity of 0.032-0.0340 W / m3 * K;
  • reliability;
  • moisture resistance;
  • chemical resistance;
  • long service life -50 years;
  • environmentally friendly and safe material for health, since there are no toxic substances in the composition;

All “Polifas” products have quality certificates and meet European standards. Our insulation is sold in rolls.